Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sensational Salvationist Soul

Massive...massive...MASSIVE thanks to Eric Himes, who posted this incredible vid featuring Swedish Salvationist Samuel Ljungblahd, on the WARdrobe Facebook Group*.

(*Adding Salvo gear such as tunics, epaulettes, crests, shields, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and hats to supplement your daily wardrobe)

Samuel’s dueting with Gospel legend, Kirk Franklin..or rather with one of Kirk’s singers Nikki Ross, and they just hit it completely out of the park! Awesome R&B tinged gospel.

Delighted, too, to see that Samuel gave the “Salvation Army salute” at the end of his amazing performance: a finger pointed heavenwards to indicate that what he did in performance...was actually an act of Worship to his God.

I was just noodling around in the FB group because I love the imaginative and creative way some folks are mashing up The Salvation Army uniform these days, recalling those early, rootsy days in our movement’s history when the uniform was perhaps an outward sign of the renegade, and less of the bowing to convention or internal culture, so Samuel rocking an old style “stand up” Salvation Army tunic with blue jeans got a mention.

Discovering Samuel Ljungblahd was an immense bonus.

Sartorially, the whole WARdrobe thing reminds me a little of Bill Booth Revial Machine in the 70s.

If you are a Salvationist, you might want to check the group out. I hope it makes you smile.

If you’re not a Sally – just enjoy Samuel’s Sensational Salvationist Soul

You Have To Check It Out!

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