Friday, January 15, 2010

Headphonaught’s Pix

I wanted to give a little shout out to my good friend & Something Beautiful Podcast co-host Thomas Mathie AKA Headphonaught, who’s experiencing a bit of overdue success with his photography with being used for album artwork and featuring in a book about Glasgow.

I love it when I see friends’ creativity and enterprise being recognized, and Thomas is one of the most creative and enterprising out there!

Good to see, mate..

HT to the Headphonaught for the image...


headphonaught said...

Aww schucks Johnny... Thank you!

It seems ironic that the picture you feature was taken with a Sony Ericsson K750 cameraphone.

The take away is that you should shoot... shoot... shoot... and never leave home without a camera (I usually have 4 with me... including my iPhone)

I wouldn't consider myself creative but an opportunist... trying to grab each opportunity with open hands and a clear mind.

Thanks again...


Johnny said...

No worries Thomas.

I'm really pleased to see some of your projects picking up a head of steam. Exciting days!