Wednesday, April 07, 2010

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why do you cry? He has risen

Why do you cry? He has risen

Why are you weeping? He's not dead

Why do you cry? He has risen

Why are you weeping? He's not dead

He paid it all on that lonely highway

And his anointing I can feel. He shed his blood

For my transgressions

And by His stripes we are healed

Music & lyrics by Kirk Franklin

Friday, March 26, 2010


The Laird crew have pretty much decided that we're going to head off to the Greenbelt festival later this year.

It will be a first for me, and something I've been meaning to do for years now.

Greenbelt have launched a new site today, and made some announcements about the line up.

Wanna come?

HT to Greenbelt for the image

New site from Moot

Nice to see that the lovely people at Moot have given their website a springclean.

Clean lines, tidy aesthetic , pared down and simple.

I like it.

HT to Moot for the image

Ragamuffin Carlos Whittaker coming to UK?

Word is Jesus following Uberblogger and Worship leader, Carlos Whittaker is coming over to the UK during May.

Last night Los tweeted:

Hey UK. Looks like the wife and I will be heading out there for a bit in late May. Let's book some nights of worship!!!

This is good news.

Here’s hoping for a hook-up...

Ragamuffin Soul
More on Los at johnnylaird

HT to Los for the image

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lovely Atheists and Jesus followers

Last year when the UK initiated Atheist Bus Campaign was in full swing I think there was a little spike in the ancient and ongoing debate between Theists and Atheists. The argument often descends into childish or spiteful rhetoric and head honcho, top banana amongst the non Believers, Richard Dawkins is regularly described as “shrill”. I’m sure “shrill” is Dawkins’ middle name!

It can actually become quite boring. If ever you’ve read the comments section in any of The Guardian’s articles on faith you’ll know what I mean.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re getting it all wrong.

I’m sure a much more rewarding and edifying experience would be to bring together some of the less strident, but no less compelling voices...not to debate, not to argue, not to score points, but simply to hang out. You know – eat some food, enjoy a walk in the woods, make sandcastles on the beach, look at the stars...whatever.

In my head, I’ve kinda compiled a short list of Atheists who I think are completely top people – inspirational in their field, interesting and seemingly in love with life.

I’ve come up with a similar list of Jesus followers who have really informed my own way of looking at Scripture and walking the Way of Jesus.

I’d love to bring this bunch of folks together.

I’ve got a funny feeling they’d get along famously

Any thoughts?

Any obvious omissions?

Lovely Atheists

Eddie Izzard
Billy Connolly
Dr Brian Cox

Jesus followers

Desmond Tutu
Rob Bell
Brian McLaren
Erwin McManus

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rob Bell in London with Chapel Street, and Jim Wallis on the way

Kudos has to go out to Chapel Street for hosting an excellent evening with Rob Bell in Westminster, London last night.

For an organisation still in its infancy, the guys at Chapel Street were the hosts with the most!

For the record - and for the naysayers out there - Rob spoke very clearly and principally about Jesus, the Cross and the Resurrection in his “Drops Like Stars” presentation.

Clearly, Chapel Street mean to carry on as they have started as they shared news of the “Social Justice Tour” later in the year, when they bring Jim Wallis to the UK.

I once blogged that Chapel Street were “One to watch”. Perhaps more than ever this is the case.

The amazing story of the ministries of Russ Rook, and those of his friend and cohort Phil Wall is one that deserves to be told more completely and shared more widely. Through Roots, ALOVE, HOPEHIV and now Chapel Street these are a couple of men of God, who have regularly found themselves walking in places where God has been doing his stuff. Clearly there are things to be learned from their experience.

HT to Chapel Steet for the images

Friend of the geek...

One of the ways I describe myself is a “friend of the geek”. It sits in there nicely alongside “Connector, communicator, change agent, blogger & social activist... friend of the geek & radical"

One of the chief geeks I consider myself to be a friend of is Chris Hinton of Geek Speak.

Today he poses the question....” Are online friendships “real”?

I know what I think.

Got any thoughts?

HT to Chris for the image

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Media Day at The Salvation Army Kettering

On Saturday May 8th I’ll be exploring & speaking about how we can use Twitter, blogging & other Social Media stuff in ministry at a media day held The Salvation Army in Kettering, England.

Other folks will be talking about sound engineering, presentation software, the use of video etc, whereas I’ll be concentrating a little more on community, tribes and connections...and stepping outside of the Church bubble.

The organisers are also hoping to arrange a video link up with the guys from the US to talk about MediaShout.

There’s no website per se for the event, but there is a registration place here, if you want to check it out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brian Kelly Photography

I’m quite partial to a beautifully captured image, and you could do a lot worse if you wanted to see some than to check out Brian Kelly’s glorious new website. Not only are the pics themselves wonderful....the site is pretty elegant as well.

Brian first came my notice when I was impressed by some excellent shots he’s taken of Pastor and Author, Ed Dobson for a book and website project called Living Jesusly.

Both Brian and Ed hail from Grand Rapids, does Rob Bell of Mars Hill Bible Church.

All 3 guys are worth checking out

More about Ed on johnnylaird
More about Rob on johnnylaird

HT to Brian for the pic