Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rob Bell in London with Chapel Street, and Jim Wallis on the way

Kudos has to go out to Chapel Street for hosting an excellent evening with Rob Bell in Westminster, London last night.

For an organisation still in its infancy, the guys at Chapel Street were the hosts with the most!

For the record - and for the naysayers out there - Rob spoke very clearly and principally about Jesus, the Cross and the Resurrection in his “Drops Like Stars” presentation.

Clearly, Chapel Street mean to carry on as they have started as they shared news of the “Social Justice Tour” later in the year, when they bring Jim Wallis to the UK.

I once blogged that Chapel Street were “One to watch”. Perhaps more than ever this is the case.

The amazing story of the ministries of Russ Rook, and those of his friend and cohort Phil Wall is one that deserves to be told more completely and shared more widely. Through Roots, ALOVE, HOPEHIV and now Chapel Street these are a couple of men of God, who have regularly found themselves walking in places where God has been doing his stuff. Clearly there are things to be learned from their experience.

HT to Chapel Steet for the images

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