Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Izzard: I couldn’t not….

I couldn’t not post something about national treasure Eddie Izzard’s most recent staggering achievement.

Eddie has run a mind blowing 43 marathons, completed in just 52 days. (give or take)

Some time today he should reach Trafalgar Square in London and bring the whole thing to a close.

Here are a couple of accounts of the story in The Guardian and The Independent

This kind of feat is an amazing testament to the human spirit, and the utter lunacy of Mr Izzard.


If you want to stump up with some cash in aid of the charity Eddie’s running for, you can do that here

Alternatively, if you’d like to help with the charity I’m running my measly half marathon for in October please go here.

(Quite frankly this is my preferred option)

HT - Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Europe, via Zimbio

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