Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ed Living Jesusly

During a freezing winter visit to Michigan last Christmas and New Year, we took advantage of our closeness to Grand Rapids and hauled ourselves over to the celebrated Mars Hill Bible Church.

I’d wanted to go there to hear Rob Bell speak…in his natural habitat.

Initially I was disappointed to learn that Rob wasn’t around that day, but the visit was wonderful all the same.

The guy doing the teaching was Ed Dobson. He spoke well - very well; and I was grateful to have discovered him, and have listened to more stuff on Mars Hill’s podcast pretty regularly. I had noted in a blog post at the time..

Today’s teaching came from Ed Dobson, sporting a spectacular beard of quite literally Biblical proportions. At first I surmised this was just Rev Dobson’s particular preferred fashion arrangement, but he unpacked a little of the back story as part of his oratory. We learned that Ed is coming towards the end of a year of living as closely as he could in line with the teachings, example and life patterns of Jesus.

So, now it’s really exciting that Ed’s experiences have been documented in a book, with an accompanying website.

I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet, but I definitely recommend a visit to the site, and encourage you to you check out the vid.

Thanks for your inspiration, Ed!

Keep Living Jesusly

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