Saturday, January 09, 2010

Oxted Digerati

Although we live in a small – some would say sleepy –semi rural English town, complete with beautiful Norman Church and park with a cricket green – there’s quite an interesting cross section of bloggers and other social media users here, who are gradually connecting through various Tweet ups and cursory gatherings in local pubs and coffee shops:

• My guess is Big Blue Meanie may have been one of the first of our bloggers. He’s got to be the granddaddy!

• There’s Crossy’s Rural Phloggings for occasional, but rather beautiful photographs of the area.

• Jonathan Jensen blogs on all things mobile & digital at SevenDotZero

Gavin Dove with his close-to-2500 Twitter followers

Thanks to SevenDotZero we have a healthy and active Twitter tribe who keep each other informed of all the local moving and shaking.

There are also a few SMEs like Footprint web design and Quick Thinking

Am I missing anyone?

I’m happy to be corrected.

HT to Crossy for the excellent Oxted pic


Crossy said...

Cheer JL, look forward to meeting you on Sunday!

bigbluemeanie said...
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bigbluemeanie said...

Thanks for the mention!