Monday, January 11, 2010

Rob Bell Drops in the UK

Good to know that Rob Bell’s Drops Like Stars tour is coming to the UK in March.

This is what Rob says about Drops

We plot, we plan, we assume things are going to go a certain way and then they don’t and we find ourselves in a new place, a place we haven’t been before, a place we never would have imagined on our own, and so it was difficult and unexpected and maybe even.

Tragic and yet it opened us up and freed us to see things in a whole new way. Suffering does that— it hurts, but it also creates.

How many of the most significant moments in your life came not because it all went right, but because it all fell apart?

It’s strange how there can be art in the agony…

The Drops Like Stars tour is a two hour exploration of the endlessly complex relationship between suffering and creativity—

Here’s the line up of dates.

Tickets are available here for London March 17th event

If he’s a new name to you; for more on Rob Bell’s ministry check out Nooma and Mars Hill, or follow Rob on Twitter.

HT to the Rob Bell site for the image


Graham said...

I've got tickets for the Swansea leg of the tour- really looking forward to it!

Johnny said...

Yeah. Should be excellent!


Brian Kelly said...

Give Rob some props from GR!