Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wes Little: Bill Booth Revival Machine

In November, my buddy Matt blogged very movingly about the news he had just received, saying his Dad, Wes, had about 2 years left to live – the specialists' estimation based on Wes’ cancer diagnosis.

In early January ‘08 – less than 2 months later, Wes passed away, or as we say in The Salvation Army, was Promoted to Glory.

Wes was a wonderfully kind Christian man…funny, and generous.

By way of tribute, an album recorded by Bill Booth Revival Machine – the rock band Wes played in in the 70s - is now available for download here. Check it out.

BBRM were a great little band, and I’m old enough to remember going to their last ever gig (I believe)

Thanks, Wes.


darrin said...

It is a great way to remember Wes and worth a listen if for no other reason...although it is listenable in its own right

Incidently you can still find the album to buy online...who would have thought

Johnny said...

I'm going to listen to it tonight. I used to have a copy but it got lost somewhere along the way...and I agree - a great way to remember Wes.

Andrew said...

I was 14 when Bill Booth Revival Machine came to Batley Salvation Army for the weekend back about 1973. It was the best live rock music that I had heard and made a profound impression on me which remains to this day. Listening to the music again has brought it all back. Wes was a super chap and even allowed me a go on his guitar. I hadn't realised but I often find myself playing similar chord progressions now so I must have picked them up then.I am saddened to hear of his passing.

BSA said...

Face to Face was a track that still comes into my head today, all these years later (2016). I was excited to see a download of the album I thought long lost was possible, but how old is this thread? No sign! Can anyone help? Barbara Steadman-Allen