Monday, January 14, 2008

Walk On

My new blogging buddy, Jonathan Blundell was prompted by my comments against this post to ask some questions about the Walking Fellowship* at Croydon Citadel Salvation Army.

Jonathan asked

(…is the Walking Fellowship)
….Just "walk around the park" or is it more of a specific prayer walk. Is this something typical of other SA's or something your group is doing?

I had replied
The Walking Fellowship walk together in the countryside, and the individuals hang out & talk with other people from the Church who may not always get the chance to spend any good quality time with. Usually they will end up at someone's house after about an hour to an hour an a half walking. They drink coffee, eat cake, share some Scripture & prayer.

There's no particular prayer walking with this group, but we have others who do.

….but forgot to respond to Jonathan’s question about whether it was a typical SA initiative.

In response to that, no – it’s not especially typical.(but then again what is?) I guess the thing about The Salvation Army - in the UK and globally – is no longer a homogenous one-size-fits all denomination in terms of method, but rather it is a very diverse Church, where all kinds of different expressions of service & ministry sit along side each other.

The Salvation Army is ALOVE
The Salvation Army is The Freeway
The Salvation Army is Roots
The Salvation Army is Revolution Hawaii
The Salvation Army is 614 Network
The Salvation Army is The Singing Company
The Salvation Army is 2Love

(As an aside, I had always felt a bit strange about the work “fellowship”…it always seemed so “Churchy”, and had all but disappeared from regular folks’ language. I guess maybe Lord of the Rings may have reclaimed it a little, and brought it back into common parlance… )


Jonathan Blundell said...

thanks for the update ;-)

I sent the info to my community group leaders this week as a way to expand their community groups and to expand their "fellowship." I'll let you know if anything comes of it. We may give the Walking Fellowship a try for our group once the weather warms up a bit.

ABC News did a story recently on a group formed for homeless folks to run together. LOVED IT! Loved the way something simple gave these people a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Walk on!

Jonathan Blundell said...

BTW - should have done this on the previous post

Heather's place said...

On the question of whether other corps do this...

My Dad's Church (Salvation Army Southport - home of ROOTS UK) have a rambling group. They ramble roughly once a month on a Saturday. As far as I can tell rambling is walking :-)

Generally it's the older members of the church but sometimes there are a couple of children along too.

They travel together in a mini bus - somewhere different each time. The leaders plan in advance for a combination of beautiful countryside and interesting local history with maybe a museum or visitor centre. As far as I can tell the coffee, lunch and of shopping stops and of course the time to chat, are as important as the walking.

I'm planning a range social events at our place (Liverpool Walton) and I hoping someone will take care of some "walking" for us. As it's Capital of Culture year
there is plenty of scope for us to walk around the city and get a bit of culture at the same time. And there are some beautiful parks in the city.

We have a busy community programme in our building the main (but not only) aim for all these social events is to build a bridge between our community and Church programme.

(missed your posting over the hols - welcome back)


John said...

Good to hear about things happening at Southport, Heather.

Hope your plans for Walton go well.


darrin said...

We walk at our of the best things we do....cross generational...churched and those close to church but not in fellowship

For those who want there is something mailed out the week before to think and about and chat on the worries the conversation flows anyway

On the last one we did I had chats with a retired general...a cross dressing international dj...someone I hadn't seen for years...and my wife (which was nice)

And out of this some of us occassionally meet and walk to church...leaving the car behind and ridding us of all the angst about trying to find a parking space before the morning service

John said...

The leaving the car behind idea is an interesting one, Darrin.

Must catch up to check out if the International DJ is who I think it is...