Thursday, January 10, 2008

It’s always good to meet and eat!

I’m looking forward to this weekend when we kick off our Home Group for 2008.

We’re going to use a NOOMA DVD each month, to hang some thoughts on, and I’m going to investigate Steve Chalke’s Intelligent Church DVD as another resource. I thought the book was great, so hopefully we can get some useful stuff from the vid.

No doubt, we’ll get hit with a few surprising curveballs as the year progresses, but we will start to work with a couple of other books as we journey together: Brian McLaren’sThe Secret Message of Jesus”, and NT Wright’s Simply Christian


Jonathan Blundell said...

im curious - does your group meet once a month, week or how often. i've thought about using a NOOMA DVD for our group but we meet once a week so don't know if I could drag the discussion out that long ;-)

John said...

Hey Jonathan

It's virtually a new group, having only met together a couple of times. The initial plan is to meet together once a month and see what develops. I figured NOOMA would work OK based on that time scale. We'll see where the Spirit takes us.

Thanks for passing by, bro'.

headphonaught said...

Can I come??? Its awesome to think you are covering "The Secret Message of Jesus" > I would never get concensus for that.

Also, are your groups held instead of the night meeting?

Every blessing, bro.

John said...

Hi Thomas

Each month we have one Sunday evening which is designated for House Groups in place of the usual Sunday evening Service.

The idea was that there were a good number of people who wanted to join groups, but were hugely committed in the amount of time they already spent at Church, both on Sundays and throughout the week. So, this Sunday slot gives people in that position the chance to attend a Group, without adding a further date to their already rammed schedules.

However, other Groups meet at other times too - basically whenever it suits.

On top of that we have a monthly "Walking Fellowship" that meets on that same Home Group Sunday to walk together around some the rural areas outside of Croydon. This is an important group for us too.

The Sunday evening meetings are worked on a rota basis too, as follows (with some variations):

"First Sunday" A very trad Salvation Army Gospel Praise meeting, featuring music from the Band & Songsters, congregational singing, soloists & Bible teaching.

Small Groups – On the second Sunday of each month

"The Journey" A more intimate Sunday evening meeting with shared study, issue based topics for 21st Century life, often with musical interludes & guest speakers.

Youth Church/ Cafe Church - alternate months


Jonathan Blundell said...

i'm intrigued by this:

"On top of that we have a monthly "Walking Fellowship" that meets on that same Home Group Sunday to walk together around some the rural areas outside of Croydon. This is an important group for us too."

Just "walk around the park" or is it more of a specific prayer walk. Is this something typical of other SA's or something your group is doing?

Hope your new group continues to grow - not just in size but in closeness to Him and each other.

Paul said...

looks like you've got some great times ahead, good books, good conversations, good living :)

John said...

Hey Jonathan

The Walking Fellowship walk together in the countryside, and the individuals hang out & talk with other people from the Church who may not always get the chance to spend any good quality time with. Usually they will end up at someone's house after about an hour to an hour an a half walking. They drink coffee, eat cake, share some Scripture & prayer.

There's no particular prayer walking with this group, but we have others who do.

Hope this helps