Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Supper Clubbers

I finally made my first Supper Club last night, and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, even if I struggled to keep up with the knowledge & speed of thought of the participants in the discussion.

TheRubicon rather grandly describes the Supper Club as
… an eclectic group of thinking individuals who are either active Salvation Army members or with some connection and/or history with the movement. “Contemplative activists”, might be a good description of the group.

I guess I struggle with that description of myself, but it was really good to meet together with each one of these guys, who were captivating company, and hugely welcoming. My brain got a work out in the process.

Good too, to spend some time with some folks I have the absolute highest regard, nay love, for; some folks who are deeply loved by other buddies of mine, some of the bloggers I read regularly (Gordon & Nick), and some(Tim & Lucy) who are about to get added to the johnnylaird blogroll.

Looking forward to sharing a journey with the Supper Clubbers!


nick said...

'Contmeplative activists' eh?! Who'd have thought it - there's no way that Lisa is going to buy that - she's convinced it's just another excuse to have a night out with friends! Which I guess it is, but perhaps that doesn't quite fit the grandeur or 'provactive eloquence' of the Rubicon!

Still, like I said, it would good to see you last night.


John said...

Yup - you too. We'll have to hook up at have some dinner at our place.