Friday, April 27, 2007

Scott Reports on A Way of Life

Mighty blogger, pastor & caffeine junkie, Scott Hodge has some interesting things to report about Rob Bell's recent spot at Q.

Q describes itself as
...a gathering for leaders in the church to become informed and exposed to future-culture. It is a space where select leaders can create, dialogue, collaborate, innovate, serve and ideate around the important topics shaping the church’s future role in culture.

With a line up of speakers including Rob Bell of Mars Hill, Purpose Driven's Rick Warren, Kevin Kelly of WIRED, Don Miller of Blue Like Jazz fame & lots of other big hitters ,Q was a dead cert to be a hugely exciting conference, so it's worth checking out Scott's other posts on this significant event.

Visit the site for much more info.

Anyhow, I leave Scott's breakdown of Rob Bell's slot, which as a Salvationist has some interesting things to tell us about the Eucharist:

EU (Good)
CHARIS (Gift/Grace)

The Eucharist is usually thought of as a ritual in which we acknowledge and reflect on this good gift of God. It's seen as a "thing" you do... But what if the Eucharist were to become a whole way of life?

A leader's life is an endless process of constantly being broken and poured out.

The Eucharist is not just a ritual - it is a whole way of life.

A church is invited to be a Eucharist to its community - broken and poured out...

The church is the only organization that exists for the benefits of it's non-members.

Does the church exist for its own ego or as a good gift for the world?

Luke 22:18 - "Do this in remembrance of me."

What if Jesus was using this in a broader sense of saying, "Do this (what you see ME DOING) in remembrance of me?" invitation to be a living eucharist for the world we live in.

Too often, we try to reproduce another church's Eucharist without being broken or poured out. The reason it worked there in the first place was because SOMEONE poured out. So we need to ask the question: What does it mean for me to be a Eucharist to these people (in our communities/culture) here and now?

A question they have been asking at Mars Hill: If our church was removed from our community, who would protest?

What does it mean to be a "good gift" to our community?

There is always a cost... If Eucharist is "pouring out" you must allow time to pour back in.

Where are you in the Eucharist rhythm?

Keep checking Scott's blog. It's consistantly challenging, interesting & engaging.

Thanks, once again, Scott!

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