Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What year are we in?

Hat tip to Yucan Chiu, who’s post directed me towards this staggering news piece from CNN.Read it & weep.

Living for most of my adult life in and around multicultural South London, working in a thoroughly diverse environment, and as a white guy married to a black woman, this article is a shock to the system. It’s really hard to compute.

Yucan Chiu founded Ethnos with his wife Yen-Yen in San Diego, CA, in 2003, as a Church reaching their community in all it’s ethnic diversity.

This is what they say they are all about.

Ethnos is a community aspiring to:
• Love our multicultural God and neighbor
• Grow into the likeness of Jesus
• Serve those in our community, especially those who are oppressed and hurting
• Witness to the person and work of Jesus, the Savior of all peoples

Thanks, Yucan, for bringing this to my attention, and thanks for the good work you seem to be doing there in your community.

Peace & Blessings



yucan said...


Thanks for the publicity!

John said...

You're welcome, bro'