Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Akram Khan

I was channel surfing last week – my short attention span means I’m a chronic remote tapper – when I had something of an aesthetic epiphany. I stumbled on to the Asian Arts program Desi DNA and saw a piece on Akram Khan, London-born Kathak performer & choreographer.

This guy is seriously talented, and I’m sure he’s a big noise in the world of dance (which I know next to nothing about).

Despite my ignorance, I was completely knocked out by his work.

The featured piece zero degrees displayed some incredible dance and vocal interplay where Kahn, and his collaborator on this , Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, mirrored each other's speech patterns, body language and movement with astonishing accuracy. Every pause, hand movement…breath was just locked in.

Incredible stuff.

Next time I hear of a show in London, Jan & I will have to try & make it.


fernando said...

Saw him recently in a performance called Sacred Monsters with ballet diva, Sylvie Guillem.

Amazing, amazing talent!

John said...

Thanks for stopping by again Fernando - must catch up on your blog again, since you got back from your vacation.