Saturday, December 02, 2006

Introducing the SupperClub

CAUTION: Sally Army-centric post on the way:

..I stumbled across this really interesting site this morning.

Here's how they describe themselves:

"The SupperClub is a gathering for theologically thinking Salvationists eager to share new ideas, provocative research, decent food and good times. The club will gather Salvationists for food and theological discourse, facilitate theological reflection and discussion for a 21st Century Salvation Army and promote innovative thinking around the broad range of issues effecting Salvation Army theology and mission."

The SupperClub is hosted and organised by Gordon Cotterill, Adam Knuckey (secretary), Katie Newton, Stuart Watson, Russell Rook (chair and of Director of ALOVE) and Matt White.

My guess is we're gonna be hearing a lot from these folks!


Anonymous said...

Hey JL... thanks for bringing this to my attention. Totally welcomed and fully supported - some key people involved that I have a lot of love for: Gordon C, Grinner and Russell R... for example.

But... its another London-centric event that I have NO hope in participating in... other than reading the blog.

I am getting a wee bit tired of the Army and its elitism when it comes to theology... and spiritual thinking!

But instead of being a whinger... I am going to do something about it. Being mulling over a coffee morning idea for a while and this gives me impetus to make it happen.

Thanks again.


John said...


Yup - looks interesting, doesn't it?

You'll have to unpack your thoughts about "the Army and its elitism when it comes to theology... and spiritual thinking". I've not quite grasped the drift of your arguement, there. Is that related the the London-centric aspect, or is it a different issue altogther?