Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shifting sands in the Mid West

It’s interesting to me that two of my favo(u)rite bloggers, Carlos Whittaker and Scott Hodge both announced some major new initiatives in their live/ministries on the same day.

Scott announced his new senior pastor mentoring program for pastors leading Church communities in transition, and Los dropped a surprise by announcing his move to Soul City Church in Chicago, for some radical incarnational living….pretty much on Scott’s doorstep, btw!

Scott uses the phrase
“deep in the trenches on transition”
in his vid. That has such resonance for me right now.

Exciting Announcement! from scotthodge on Vimeo.

I also like Soul City Church's emphasis on whole life 7 day a week discipleship.

Inspired by, and praying for both you guys!


scott hodge said...

thank you johnny! appreciate you man. hang in there friend.

Johnny said...

I will, Scott. I will! :-)