Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Once again, another great Sally Army site coming out of Australia – this time from the 2love youth crew.

In the Salvation Army world, Australia seems to have really grasped the power of the internet.

It’s encouraging too that there seems to be some synergy between Oz/US/Canada as the gap year opportunities for Australian Salvation Army kids point them in the direction of amazing ministries like Order614, Revolution Hawaii and Ignite.

With leaders like Jim Knaggs regularly using Twitter and blogging at TCSpeak, other initiatives like Salvos Out There, CitySalvos and the Make Your Mark Officer Training site there is a level of connection and sense of ease with this at once emerging and ubiquitous technology which marks them out as front runners.

It does, though, make me wonder if we in the SA in the UK are falling behind in terms of understanding and using this technology as we – corporately – engage with the world and each other.

HT to 2love for the pics

(BTW, Anyone notice Steve Chalke lurking with his friends the Sally Army?)


Captain Andrew Clark said...

I agree Johnny..they are steps ahead on communication, but what I think it runs deeper than that. I think they are an Army much more at ease with who they are and the mission to which they are called. It all seems to flow from confidence in God. Thats more significant, I think.

Johnny said...

You may be right.

I don't have any direct experience of the Army in Oz, but I'm certainly impressed with the way they are conducting themselves online.