Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo…and none the worse for that*

It is a good thing when you do things on the spur of the moment or at least within a day of finding out about them.

I’d stumbled on this blog post on the Moot blog on Tuesday, and by Wednesday evening I found myself at the The London Centre for Spirituality to hear Dave Tomlinson talk and unpack some of the ideas in his new book re-enchanting Christianity

Now, I have to admit Dave Tomlinson was a new name to me, although I did know a little about his previous hang out Holy Joe’s, and as ever did a bit of web trawling to see what I could find out. Dave is currently Vicar of St Luke’s in Holloway.

Having met him, found out a little bit of his story and connected a few of the threads of that story together I now realise I should have been paying more attention!

Dave’s clearly a guy worth listening to on all kinds of subjects. Last night ideas were fizzing on Church and culture.…Scripture, spirituality, sexuality, snot, social networking and social justice …but most of all grace

I’ve added Dave’s book to the wish list that I’m carrying around in my head. I’m sure it’ll be a good read.

Big thanks to Moot’s Ian Mobsby getting the word out, and encouraging me to get there.

* Mumbo Jumbo…and none the worse for that
- a strange name for a blog post. It’s just alludes to one of Dave’s stories on the night that made me laugh out loud.

HT to Dave for the pic

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