Friday, August 03, 2007

Things & saw and did on holiday…in no particular order:

Hung out with Janet & the kids


Bought some more books in addition to the ones I already had bought to read (Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope & Brian Bailey & Terry Storch’s The Blogging Church ) , and started to read them too.

Worked on the garden….

Enjoyed a ruby with Mr & Mrs Parker

Started to watch Heroes…finally showing on UK terrestrial TV.


Discovered the joy of sitting down in a Krispy Kreme Restaurant for breakfast


Went to the beach at West Wittering

Barely blogged at johnnylaird, but lurked a little on some of my favo(u)rites

Hung out with friends…and usually ate with them

Succumbed to the notion of getting a Blackberry. My Curve arrives any day now

Finally gave into Mac lust, having visited the Mac Store at Bluewater…I want one!


Did the Brighton thing – nearly lost one of my prized Ocean Minded flip-flops/slippahs to the crashing waves on the beach.

Had lots of late evenings, and lazy mornings.

Saw Bob the Builder with the kids at The Science Museum


Visited Winston Churchill’s old stomping ground at Chartwell.


Kevin said...

There is nothing like a list

John said...

Yeah - what would the blogosphere do without them!