Friday, August 17, 2007

Emerging in the news

Thank you to Andrew Jones AKA TallSkinnyKiwi for hi-lighting this piece in the Austin Statesman.

The article features - for the most part - the ministry of Vox Veniae, and the personal journey of lead Pastor, Gideon Tsang and his family, as they
sell their spacious North Austin home and move into a modest 800-square-foot house in an East Austin neighborhood.

I've kind been interested in the ministry of Vox Veniae for quite a time now. Looks like they are doing some great work down there.

In a cool little piece of synchronetic frisson , one of Pernell Goodyear's Freeway buddies, Kev Chen is heading to Texas to work with Vox Veniae, as mentioned in this post.

I like the quote from Gid at the tail end of the piece:

The message of Jesus that is preached in church services means nothing, he says, "if it doesn't change how we live seven days a week."

HT directly to Gideon for the pic. It's him! He has a hugely impressiveFLICKR collection.


andrew jones said...

you're very welcome jonny!

John said...

Thanks for stopping by, Andrew.