Monday, August 27, 2007

Books for the last part of the year

I treated myself to a bit of a blow-out on books this weekend. This should keep me in reading material for the train ride to the office...probably until the end of the year.

Here's what I picked up:

Adventures in missing the point
- Brian McLaren & Tony Campolo
An Emergent Manifesto of Hope
- Doug Pagitt & Tony Jones
God is Closer Than You Think
- John Ortberg
Intelligent Church
- Steve Chalke with Anthony Watkis

The Irresistible Revolution - Shane Claiborne

Looking forward to some serious reading.

Do you having any books you are planning to read soon?


fernando said...

Interesting reading list you have there. Over the next few months I plan on finishing some half-read books like The Parallax View and Living On the Borders. But, most of my reading till next Easter will be taken up on Romans and Paul. I've got a small stack of thick stuff I'm working through.

John said...

Thanks for passing by, Fernando.

Skyler Goodman said...

Great Books! Love your blog, just found it today. I will be back again and again I am sure!

Heather's place said...

I really enjoyed the Campolo/McLaren book.

I found it easy to read as it's in bite sized chunks.

I also liked the way they disagreed with each other in such a positive way.

Some new things to think about too.

My problem is that I read more than I can remember – it’s an age thing (aggh!). I have good intentions to make notes or comment on my blog to trap the words in my brain for a little longer. But I just tend to go back and re-read books again.

Not sure what I want to read next but think I may have a go at Intelligent Church and Chick Yuill’s “Others”.

Billy Chia said...

I've been reading Batterson's In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day At parts it's been repetitive, but so far also very insightful.

John said...

Hey Billy!

That one's on my list too, along with Eric Bryant's "Peppermint Filled Pinatas". Gotta nail those two.

Thanks for passing by!