Friday, July 20, 2007

Time to read

...just kicked into a couple of weeks vacation time at home.

No schedule, no plan...just time with my wonderful wife & kids. Time to kick back & relax, time to READ!

I hooked myself up with a couple of new books to delve into: Brian McLaren's The Secret Message of Jesus, and Tom Wright's "Simply Christian"


Heather's place said...

I'l be interested to hear how you get on with Simply Christian. I really enjoyed it. But it's not that simple :-).

Eric Bryant said...

Enjoy your vacation!

paul said...

i read brian's book earlier in the yr and thought it was good stuff... have a fun read`and relax!!!

Graeme said...

Have read both of these in the last few months. I'd agree with Heather that Simply Christian is not simple. In many ways I think its the better of the two books. Full of good theology and in places mind blowing! How is Bishop Wright able to write books of intense theological language and books like this that even I can read!

Look forward to hearing what you think of them both!

John said...

Heather: I'll let you know how I get on with "Simply.."

Eric: I'm emjoying the rest!(each time I've bounced into a Borders here in the UK, I've tried to pick up a copy of "Peppermint...", but no joy yet.

Paul:...I'm slowly becoming a bit of a Brian McL fan. He's a gracious guy

Graeme: Yet to start NTWright's tome, and got slightly distracted by buying Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope

To All: Thanks for passing by! You should all hook up with each other, you lovely people!


J :-)