Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Now …that’s a cup of tea!

I’ve just been given a beautiful cup of African Amber tea from Mighty Leaf Tea to try, and this is a premium tea experience.

I’m used to raving about quality coffee, so to bang on about tea is something of an oddity for me.

At nearly six quid for 15 bags, it ain’t cheap, but as a one off generous gift, I’m happy to partake.



darrin said...


Is tea the new coffee......I don't know......but places like Tea Smith in Spitafields are having a good stab at making tea the centre of our lives again

The guy there is a tea geek

Its a place I like to rave about....its just great and only round the corner from me

Check them out at

John said...

Could be!

darrin said...

another place i love

should you ever been in the east end on a sunday and particularly columbia road flower market....the n a visit to treacle is a must....for fairy cakes and a mug of builders tea

if you like your tea deconstructed old school out of big tea pot with about 20 tea bags stewing in it...this is the place

tea like this is so uncool its uber cool