Monday, May 21, 2007

What a building!

It's almost worth taking a trip to Madrid solely to visit the amazing Barajas Airport. I haven't seen it in the flesh so far, but the pictures I've seen have been staggering.

Hat tip to psfk for drawing my attention to it, and to Headphonaught for alerting me to psfk

As far as I understand. Uber-architects Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners are behind Barajas. If you are into architecture, check their site out too.


darrin said...

as you were recently in milan did you see
this at your airport

the longest couch in the world by the ubiquitous British designer Tom Dixon

might even make waiting for a plane a pleasurable experience

John said...

hmmnn...didn't see that. Maybe it's at one of the other Airports?

We flew into Malpensa

Chris said...

Wow - that looks impressive. And some of the architect's other work is also pretty awesome.

John said...

Yup! Those guys are dons!