Friday, May 25, 2007


There are not so many senior Salvation Army leaders around the world who are blogging.

I guess the two that spring to my mind are Commissioner Jim Knaggs, the Territorial Commander(i.e. Big Boss) of the Australia Southern Territory, at his TCSpeak blog, and Retired Commissoner Joe Noland at Slightly Irregular.

Commissioner Knaggs' recent post really nails it for me:

Our Army is loaded will all kinds of people. We need every one of them. We need you. There is a place for all who love the Lord and desire to serve Him and there is a place for those who don't. The Kingdom of God is open. Hallelujah!

Now we need to be open as well. We need to be open to all people, whether they like us or not. They can even say some pretty rough things or treat us poorly. We still need to be open.

We need to be open to to His love and to His to his commands and open to His to His people.

The sign on the door of our heart needs to be "open."

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