Tuesday, May 01, 2007

God on Mute

Having finally hacked my way slowly through Brian McLaren's A Generous Orthodoxy, I picked up Pete Greig's latest book, God On Mute.

I'm looking forward to possibly getting some reading time during the breaks at this year's Roots Conference.


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, Parker junior here, let me know what the book is like, Ive made a commitment to 'read more' reading books is gonna be the new... err... reading books i guess??

Timmy Magic said...

John - thanks for the comment! I forgot about the Blue Shield!

I now realize I know a few more Army cops!

See you at Roots

John said...

Chris! Thanks for passing by. Get reading dude. Loads of good stuff out there.



John said...

Yup - see you at Roots, Timmy. If you see a little old bloke, run ragged by his kids, and desperately trying to hang onto his youth, despite saggy face & grey hair....that'll be me! ;-)