Monday, May 07, 2007

Post-Roots 07 mini round up V2

Firstly, Roots was - as ever - an incredible weekend of powerful teaching, worship, seminars, hooking up with friends old and new, and good good times. I, and a number of other Sally Bloggers realised we may have missed a trick by not being more pro-active in the days before Roots to make sure we hooked up. Thankfully a lot of us did, at least in passing manage to have some face to face meets, having only previously known each other as cyber-buddies:

One of these meetings was a good hours chin wag over a White Chocolate Mocha with top fellah, Chris Hinton of Council of War.More of that, and the story of master networker Headphonaught later!

Blogging's going to be scant for a few days as I head of to Milan for work/pleasure on Wednesday...hopefully shoud be able to fill in the gaps, and update my blogroll to include those I bumped into at Roots.

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