Friday, March 02, 2007

2 Randys in one day

The blogroll is expanding today.

First off, Randy Elrod has written a great piece on community on Rick Warren's site. Randy was kind enough to leave a comment on, so I'm delighted to add him to my blogroll.

Similarly, Bobby Williams passed by after I'd commented on his post about the Just Stop and Think vid that had made an impact on me a few weeks ago.

Transition Pete makes the list because I've been checking his blog for ages now, but never got round to adding it to my 'roll. I like the way he describes his life "me moving though life -- purposefully, clumsily, and sometimes gracefully -- sharing random ideas, expressing thoughts that are bouncing around in my noggin’, and showin' off the bits and pieces that make up my life and faith… the things that matter to me -- life..." - I can relate to that, Pete. On top of that Pete has an elegant pics'n'all blogroll that led me to today's final new link, Dustin Bryson AKA Renegade Robot. Dustin also contributes to SpitBox along with superblogger, Carlos Whittaker.

I figure at least 80% of the value of my own blog is the links the other sites I've discovered, and invited anyone reading to go and visit. Check out these dudes: each of them have good things to say.

Peace & Blessings



transitionpete said...

i appreciate the fact taht we all can relate to the fact that life happens and it's how we roll with the grace of God in this life that matters. i'm also down with the fact that 80% (if not more) of my blog has value because of the links out to other sites. good stuff!

and thanks for the link love!

John said...

Glad you stopped by Pete

Uber_Tech said...

started a new blog
stop by and say hey...