Friday, March 30, 2007

re JIG

I figured it’s time to have a re-jig of the blogroll.

Here are the “innies”

jonestribe – I stumbled across this blog quite by accident, and really enjoyed the content. So, I continue to revisit it. You should too. Steve Jones describes himself as a
dad, husband, coach, trainer, speaker, church planting addict, new media geek, lifelong learner.
I promised to add Steve to my blogroll, so here goes

ARMYBARMY Remix – Danielle Strickland is a Salvation Army officer, an inspirational preacher, writer who specializes in mission and incarnation to conferences and youth and women. Her blog is thought provoking, and should be especially riveting and she and her husband Steve Court make the move from Canada to Australia.

And here are the “outies”

Brian Orme

He provides the Q&A in his final(if he’s really kicked the blogging habit) post:

Why did you decide to stop?
Great question. Really, it’s a number of things. But, most of all I want to delve into other creative projects and I feel my time is getting crunched. Not to mention that it’s hard for me to be a lite blogger. I’m either all in or, well, you get the picture.
Both Brian & one of my real favourites, Randy Bohlender
decided to call it quits on blogging. It’s a shame. They both were coming up with consistently good stuff, and Randy’s blog was a real winner in my eyes.

An acorn short of an oak tree – Darrin, my real life flesh & blood buddy, started blogging with some really insightful writing, but I figure his internet access is no more. Hopefully, he’ll hook up again eventually, and he’ll go straight back on the johnnylaird blogroll! Looks like his blog got seriously spammed as well.

Special Mention to Emergency Man Chris Parker – brother in-law of Mrsparker - at NoParking If he doesn’t start writing soon, he’s gonna be off the list! ;-) It's more NoBlogging than NoParking.

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