Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The boys

Last night I had a night out with “the boys”, which is a rare pleasure indeed now that I have my beautiful kids to demand my attention.

It was cool to be able to spend time laughing together, bouncing around the City, heading to our Brick Lane destination, Le Taj for some top Bangladeshi scran.

(Check out their site for a 360 degree tour of Le Taj)

We laughed hard, recalling our stories, which over time have become stretched & embellished way beyond the true events that spawned them. We feel into that rhythm of quickfire banter that we'd developed over the single years when we lived in and out of each others houses, where the big game on TV was the ultimate arbiter for deciding where we should be, and when time was stretched into an amorphous day-night-day time. They were good, good days - and so are the ones we are living in now.

Cheers geezers! You are the men!

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