Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just Stop and Think

Randy Bohlender's post about a short video he had discovered got me interested. Check out what Randy says:

In the film, entitled "Stop and Think", he carries his surfboard toward the beach and talks to the camera. He does not reference scripture by chapter and verse, although he paraphrases quite a bit. He talks about God's laws and how we all fall woefully short. He talks about God's pain upon seeing His Son mercilessly crucified. He talks about God looking to humanity searching for a bride for His Son. And Chan is getting the smackdown for it.

There are a host of bloggers who are frying him for his weak presentation of the gospel. They're accusing him of watering it down, not telling the whole story of propitiation and substitution. They're blasting him for neglecting to mention the exclusivity of the Gospel as opposed to other world religions.

I have never heard of Chan before this morning, but it was a quite moment in our house so I watched the whole film. I think it's ok.

This really intrigued me, so I just watched it, and waited for the big tipping point, perhaps where his theology would come crashing down - the scary diversion into uncomfortable territory that challenged my down the line beliefs - the veering off to a tangent that made me say "whooaa there!"...but it never seemed to come. That's unless I missed it?

I think I agree with Randy: Production is great - message pretty solid - appeal is broad but uncompromising. Seems fine to be.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Randy.

Check it out for yourself at Just Stop and Think

While you're at it you might want to check out the elegant Cornerstone Community Church site too, where Francis Chan - the guy who "stars" in the vid is the Pastor.

Cornerstone is Simi Valley, CA, USA

Peace & Blessings



brian said...

Johnny, Chan has spoken at our fellowships youth conference for the past five or six years. He's an incredible communicator and God has used him in a powerful way.

I often listen to his sermons or watch the vid online.

I think, sometimes, people get so caught up in making sure every part of the Gospel is communicated in perfect form, and really, many times, Paul, Jesus, and others didn't feel the need to include every aspect every time.

Just a few thoughts. Good post.

Roy said...

Hey the only problem I have with this video, is that he carries his surfboard all the way through the whole thing. The guy has gotta get tired sometime.

John said...

Yeah! I got kinda concerned for him. I thought he couldn't find the beach! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check it out. Thanks for alerting us to it!
God bless you
Maria in the UK