Tuesday, January 16, 2007


A very good non-blogging mate of mine has been browsing johnnylaird, and remains one of those folks who still don't get the appeal of blogging.

Only thing he didn't like was that I liberally use a lot of Americanisms in my writing. '”What a yankee-doodle-dandy and English Scottish bloke you are” he says

Re the American-isms – I had noticed that myself, and I’m not sure why it’s happening. My buddy(there I go again) is not the 1st person to comment on it, though. My only (albeit feeble) excuse is that I work with Nigerian, Italian, Indian, German, Swiss & French colleagues in the office, spend most of my time in dialog(gue) with Japanese & American suppliers, have just spent 10 days living with my American family, am married to an English girl of Jamaican/St Lucian descent who regularly drops into patois at home, work at the Church with a Leadership Team made up of a Welshman who’s last two positions were in the north of Scotland & Zimbabwe and a South African lady married to an Argentine. I read & comment mostly on American & Canadian blogs, get my daily news from CNN, watch UK TV channel, “Five US” on Freeview all the time (love CSI), live next door to a Palestinian, am still addicted to US mags like WIRED , Dwell & Fast Company and my new neighbo(u)r on the trombone bench in my Sally Army Band is Californian!

Go figure! ;-)

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Enqi said...

shows how global we've gone ;) thanks for dropping by my blog!