Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Waltz Wisdom

The Leadership Team at Granger Community Church , IN, USA are really worth watching out for.

Tony, Tim and Mark are frequent bloggers who never fail to inspire.

Mark Waltz posted something really interesting recently called "My Friend Is Trying To Save Me" which kinda stopped me in my tracks

"I love it when people come to Jesus, and because they understand how much they matter to God, suddenly their perspective on people around them changes, too. For the first time in their lives they see people differently, they see that people really matter. They matter to God. They matter as treasures God created. They matter to that person who's just discovered God's grace.

It's disappointing though, when followers of Christ begin to see their friends as walking targets, a bull's eye target to faith-wrestle to their knees, so they can be "saved"."

Read on here:

Thanks, guys, for all your good stuff, and making me really take time to think.

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