Monday, September 11, 2006


I've always loved beautiful buildings.

When I was a little kid I harboured ambitions to be an architect, before someone - I don't remember who it was - blew those ambitions out of the water by saying "you need to be really good at maths to be an architect". I used to have books filled with scribblings of my kiddie house designs and stuff, but I HATED maths!

Well, it never happened, but I never fell out of love with beautiful buildings.

...just found this great site with awesome pics of some great modern places.

Have a look - you won't be disappointed.


darrin said...


You might be interested in this on this weekend

We are going to take advantage

Open House


for some great pictures from one of my fav sites


John said...

I think our offices (Power Road Studios) were featured in this a year or two ago. The Polarlnertia site looks really interesting