Friday, September 15, 2006

Vox Veniae

Yesterday I was rapidly bouncing around the blogosphere & googling away like crazy when I happened to stumble into Vox Veniae a new Church in Austin, TX. As it happened, they really only kicked off in their present form this week, September 10th, so I figured it would be interesting to watch their progress, and add them to my prayers.

A little bit of online detective work threw up something that drew me in even further. Their lead Pastor, Gideon Tsang has a couple of kids who share their names with my boy, Noah Joseph.

Man, the web makes the world such a small place!

Guys - you have my support. I'm gonna enjoy observing your journey.

I like this, which comes straight from their site:

"We dream of grace to make Austin a more grace filled city
We dream of grace to care for those of us in need
We dream of grace imposed in the face of social injustice

We dream of grace expressed through art and music
We dream of grace unleashed through our talents and passions

We dream of grace to be a part of Christ's death and resurrection
We dream of grace to be redeemed from our destructive human condition
We dream of grace to live in the way of Christ
We dream of grace permeating friendships, marriages and families

We dream of experiencing grace through
racial, cultural and socio-economic diversity
We dream of experiencing grace through the greater global church

We dream of grace to hear & become the voice of Jesus"


Chix0r Girl said...

Aww, that's so nice of you to pray for our church! Thank you, and God bless you.

John said...

Thanks for passing by...

Anonymous said...

And one of their pastors left The Freeway (he was part of our community while he was studying) and then moved there to work with them.

Small world.