Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red Letter Days...words of Jesus: New iPhone App from KORE

Today, my good friends at KORE have released a new iPhone app – Red Letter Days - for easy access to the words of Jesus... and nothing else.

The app contains verses from eight different versions of the Bible and is designed for iPhone geeks anywhere as an instant source of inspiration and challenge from the words of Jesus.

The Red Letter name refers to Bibles that are printed with the words of Jesus in red ink to emphasise His words and teaching...something that sometimes gets lost in the wash of religiosity every bit as much as any attacks from strident Atheists.

I love this quote from actor William H Macey this day and age of religious wackos taking over the world I do love quoting Jesus and reading some of the things he said in the Bible. Because it's so disarming, so simple, so true. It cannot be argued with. "Let he who is without sin..." Oh man.

Spread the word!

For more references to KORE on johnnylaird check here

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