Saturday, February 27, 2010

“Bring It To Life” Missio Dei

Now, you wouldn’t expect a member of the famously teetotal Sally Army to run a Guinness ad on their blog, but - heck - Ireland won the rugby today, so that’s my excuse!

But it’s not the rugby I want to talk about.

It’s the wonderful ad that’s been running on TV in the UK at the moment, and there’s something about the “Bring It To Life” tagline that is interesting to me.

Guinness have shifted from the “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” slogan to the a new line of “Bring It To Life”. The ad “World” shows a bunch of guys loosely playing God and creating a world of their own - one that looks a little like LOST on a very bad weather day:

I read that previous ads based on the ‘Good Things...’ slogan were “firmly rooted in the experience of drinking in a pub”. Guinness say their famous brew is also increasingly popular at home and the company were looking to find a way to persuade more people to experience Guinness “wherever they were.”

The Creative director of the ad said this was “based on a product truth which reframes the drink making it more contemporary and relevant to a new audience” (and the way they now consume alcohol.)

The interesting thing to me is that some of the language that could slip very easily into a conversation about faith and Church.

I’m not convinced about the validity of the search for the “contemporary and relevant” in and of itself, but I am stirred by the sheer size and awesome grandeur of this world we live in, and the way it speaks to me of God.

I’m also blown away to think that we can experience God the creator....wherever we are; and that includes in the pub!


Jonathan Blundell said...

A great ad and great picture of the invitation to join in God's creation and care of it as well.

Johnny said...

Yeah. That's the way I saw it too said...