Monday, February 22, 2010

Number 9 Football

Yesterday evening (Sunday) my Church – The Salvation Army in Croydon – started a couple of new initiatives.

Initiative # 1

It was great to hear that 26 people turned up to take part in the first “Number 9* Football” event at the Power League venue in the town on Sunday evening. It’s so important to get out there – out of our Church buildings – and just be with people where they are. Team events like football (soccer) are so good for all kinds of different reasons – the opportunity to bond and feel part of something shared as community; the chance to meet and engage with people from different backgrounds. The sheer rush of getting out and doing something that gets the heart pumping.

...nice to hear it was so well supported.

(“Number 9” has clear footballing connotations, but it is also the ”number” of our Salvation Army Church – the ninth in existence, and the first to established outside of the Sally Army’s initial roots in the East End of London in the late 1800s)

Initiative #2

On the same evening, a new Small Group was started, which is always encouraging.

Word is it was a good night, and one of the excellent NOOMA vids was used as a resource. The NOOMA stuff produced by the guys at Flannel is just fabulous for exploring faith, spirituality and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Highly recommended.

HT to Treehugger for the image

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