Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let’s do lunch!

An interesting bit of synchronicity for me here:

The Times are running a piece today called "the rise of the office canteen", outlining corporate efforts to vastly improve the food and lunchtime environments of workers.

It’s a good little read, if a bit idealistic & utopian. I’m sure many people grinding away at work will barely recognise the places described, but its fun all the same.

…From the Fairtrade chocolate to the in-house sashimi, everything is free in the state-of-the-art staff restaurant ….

Freshly made sultana muffins, a Victoria sponge and paninis are on today…

… everything from home-made yoghurt with seasonal compôtes to superfood salads…

I guess it’s no surprise - because it’s The Times - that it sounds like the Sunday Supplement brought to life!

They do give some great tips on how make a cracking lunchbox of delicious sandwiches, though.

This notion of the hip packed lunch slots in nicely alongside the fabulously inventive GRAZE idea I’ve just come across.

The funky people at GRAZE produce wonderful little biodegradable cardboard lunch boxes full of healthy goodies for you to snack on through the day. You order online, and it comes whizzing through the post to you. Nice idea. Nice foodReally nice site.

(HT to @james_brooks from ArtistsforChrist for pointing it out)

Thanks to The Times for the pic

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