Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Chris’

Let me point you in the direction of this excellent & fascinating post from Chris Goan at This Fragile Tent, where he wrestles with the concept of friendship and the internet.

I found Chris’ great piece hot on the heels of spending a wonderful day with another Chris on Saturday.

Chris & Dana Byers and their fantastic kids spent a good part of the day with us…feasting on a sumptuous breakfast at Casa Laird, walking around our pretty little home town in the sunshine (yes! It’s back…or at least it was…periodically), fizzing around ideas & sharing our stories together. We had a really great time.

I mention this because our relationship is one that started entirely online, and has quite quickly moved to being an actual face-to-face flesh & blood friendship.

In his blog post, Chris Goan says this, drawing his conclusions about a study he references in the post:

“So, what can we make of all of this? The study clearly takes the view that on-line contact is not enough, and indeed may be problematic.
I still hope however, that when used well and purposefully, on-line connections might facilitate community building. This is where I still place my energy……..
…..It is almost as if we humans were made to find our highest expression in community. As if we were wired and plumbed for this.”

I was so glad to move from online to real community with Dana & Chris Byers, but am glad I can stay so closely and regularly connected with them via the internet.

Here’s to the next big breakfast, guys!


Dana Byers said...

I am continually amazed at how God creates friendships through online connections. Thanks so much for opening your home to us - it was a high point in our week. We count you as friends and look forward to our next gathering!

Judith said...

I agree with Dana - A blogging friend (Ali)sent me presents for two of my parishioners who were moved from their sheltered housing complex to another just before Christmas (aged 93 & 90) and we now text each other and I have spoken to her and her husband on the phone plus I shall be meeting her in March when she flys over from Ireland for the day!!

Johnny said...


You're so welcome! It was a joy


It's always great to hook up with friends after a relationship is initiated online


Chris Byers said...

It was great to connect. I appreciate the friendship.