Friday, February 20, 2009

The Big Yin’s “Journey”

I love a good travel show on TV, especially when the guide/host/travel companion is as engaging as the downright hilarious Billy Connolly, so last night’s “Journey to the Edge of the World” on ITV was a blast.

Billy – a clear candidate for greatest living Scotsman - is as much a force of nature as the staggering places he’s visiting on this tour of the northern tip of Canada. He’s someone who appears to be so in love with life and people that he’s almost fit to burst. There’s a richness to the relationships that he quickly builds and it’s just so good to see people laugh – really laugh - in that uncontrollably silly way that is so cathartic.

It’s also fabulous to see Billy’s openness and sheer joy when dealing with others.


Thanks, Big Yin! We can learn a lot.

Catch it if you can

HT to ITV for the great pic


Tony said...

Thanks for mentioning this, I hadn't even heard of it and always love his travel shows - though I think watching him tour Australia is my favourite.

Johnny said...

No worries Tony.

Hope you enjoy it.