Monday, January 12, 2009

Salvation Army Corps sites – what’s the Point(ful)?

I’ve been meaning for some time to make a little time & space to say how much I like this little site, which I stumbled upon searching to find reasonable examples of Salvation Army Corps (Church) websites.

To be honest, I’ve found very few good ones indeed - which is a shame because I know that many of the actual ministries with such a poor presence are alive, active and engaged with their community. It’s just that their online profile belies that. Really very few are aesthetically pleasing, sufficiently functional and/or using current web standards.

I guess it begs the question. Is it important to have a great site? is one of better local Sally Army ones.

Check it out!

If you know any others, or I’m talking out of turn, please let me know


Anonymous said... is quite good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

darrin said...


Andy said...

Yes, it is important to have a good site whatever your organisation. If you have a site that is difficult to navigate and doesn't display properly on all browsers then it's a wasted resource. You may as well not bother. A site must communicate it's intended messages clearly and all info must be easily accessible. Having a great design is a bonus too of course as it makes the visitor experience better. The design will also tell the visitor much about who or what it represents; near enough's good enough will convey that sentiment to the visitor and the opposite is also true. Which would you rather your visitors deduce about your organisation? IMHO form and function are inseparable in this case. To quote someone else, "it's the interface, stupid".

Johnny said...

Ian: Thank you for your unbiased opinion! ;-))

Darrin: Thank you for the clarity of your answer!

Andy: Is this Andy Greig?

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure is me mate! In the steel-knee'd flesh....

Tobit Emmens said...

the site is very good and very inspirational

a good example (IMO) of form and function working well.

and so far, this has to be my favourite bit:

>>You see we believe pretty strongly that if we’re going to talk about a God who brings hope, than our lives need to show it.
bringing hope to those lost in the mess of life<<

the tone is engaging, friendly and warm.