Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ed Dobson’s Year

Looks like the story of Ed Dobson’s year long quest to live like Jesus has gone stratospheric in the blogosphere, following an interview on ABC News

I’d first become aware of Ed’s year during a recent visit to Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, MI.

Sadly, the clip on the site has led to a slew of pretty ungracious attacks in the Comments section of the ABC site …together with some more supportive responses to Ed’s efforts. Most of the vitriol is related to Ed’s admission that he’d voted for Barack Obama.

As an aside, you might want to check some excellent pics of Ed at Brian Kelly Photography


Brian Kelly said...

Hey Johnny...thanks for the shout out. Pretty amazing that many people are so small-minded that a simple disclosure of who you voted for and why would stir up such self-righteousness on their part.

Then again my expectations of the "Christian" Right to actually exercise compassion aren't that high anyway.

Johnny said...

You're welcome, Brian. I thought the pics were great. I'll make sure I have more of an indepth trawl through your blog. You have some good work there.