Thursday, October 09, 2008

Diary collision

October is a chronically busy month for us, and I find myself in a position where I have to make choices about where I want to be.

Tomorrow, I’ll take a day off tentmaking to go and hear Michael Frost, and again on Saturday. This was an easy choice….a no-brainer, if you will. I’m really looking forward to these couple of days.

On Saturday 25th it’s much tougher.

• For a while now I’d been anticipating an interesting Prayer Development Day (although I hadn’t taken any action to hook myself up wth it) with mayBe’s Ian Adams and the guys from MOOT. Since my visit to MOOT for the Tom Sine event this has been even more appealing, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, which is a huge shame. I’ve been meaning to post about this excellent Tom Sine event, but somehow haven’t gotten round to it…maybe the time has passed. I was hoping to go the Prayer Development Day with Janet , so I’m gutted we’re unlikely to be able to be there.

BTW, so glad to have hooked up with Ian Mobsby and Eliacin as a result of my trip to MOOT – 2 excellent blogs well worth checking out, and top fellahs to boot.

• On the same day we’ll be attending the Retirement celebrations of some good family friends, and that is just one of those can’t miss occasions. We really want to be there to share in this special event, so this gets the call.

• Again, on that same evening, our Church is hosting a concert by The Salvation Army’s premier Brass Band (Holy Cow, Headphonaught!! ;-)), The International Staff Band, and under normal circumstances I would find myself there out of a sense of duty (Check this post for some background), but this time the Retirement really has to squeeze that out. It wasn’t a tough call to make that decision.

At the moment I sway between a thankfulness that we (Janet and the kids and I) have such a busy fulfilling life, and a deep anxiousness that perhaps we try to do too much, and sometimes end up shelving things which we would like to do or would be helpful for others to be available for other things where our attendance is more out of a sense of obligation.

This time, at least we didn’t succumb to the obligation.


darrin said...

the food is sure to be really quite good on saturday 25th....the caterers they are getting in are top notch....any special orders?

be good to see you all

Johnny said...

mmmmnn.....looking forward to it!

Heather's place said...

Tough calls.

Another way that our Church is changing. In the past the expectation was that there were no choices - or that's how it felt.

In my case I'm learning to make choices - but struggle with the guilt. And then I struggle when others make different choices to me.