Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Noah’s 3

My boy Noah was three years old yesterday.

Noah is a diamond.

A beautiful, happy, kind, cheery little fellah who lights up my life, as well as that of his Mum and his wonderful big sister, Mia.

• He has a capacity to make me smile at the mere mention of his name, and can make me roll around on the floor laughing at his antics.
• He adores his Mum and Sister, and I think he loves me, although when I kiss him – which is often – he says “Yuk! Disgusting!”
• He loves his football (soccer) lesson, and as far as I’m concerned he’s the fastest, brightest, most enthusiastic one there, so I harbour dreams of him one day representing Scotland!
• More often than not these days he’s dressed as Spiderman or Sportacus, as he bounces around the house with limitless energy
• He loves the drums – and will usually be found behind the full sized kit at Church when I’m desperately trying to prize him away to leave for lunch
• He loves dragons, dinosaurs and robots

I thank God for the day each of my kids were entrusted to us. We don’t deserve them.


Rich said...

Agreed! We don't deserve them. And I'm sure that I don't even realize how very important they are to God. Our children are precious gems that we parents have been entrusted with.

Btw, I have a Noah as well. :)

Johnny said...

Noah's a great name, Rich. I was once at a party with some Jewish friends, who were delighted my son was called Noah....."a righteous name". There are days when he is more "riotous" than "righteous".