Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mike Frost in London

I’m looking forward to a couple of events next month featuring Michael Frost.

First off, on October 10th is next.generation.church: rethinking church, mission and evangelism for the 21st century at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. Although it’s apparently designed for “younger” leaders, I’m going to go along anyway!

Secondly, on the following day I’ll head over to the London School of Theology for New church, fad or future?

Should be great to have a couple of days to spend some time listening to one of today’s most respected thinkers - and more importantly, practitioners - in the area of mission.

If the days are even close to as valuable as the day I spent listening to Mike’s writing partner, Alan Hirsch, it will be well worth it.

HT to Frosty for the wonderful pic to illustrate this post…..hope no offence is taken by me cribbing it. I’ve been in two minds whether it was ethically correct to use it without prior permission, but it was so good, I just couldn’t resist m’lud!



duncanmcf said...

if only he was coming north of oxford.....

I'm sure they'll ID you on the door, better make up some false ID to show you are under 18!

Johnny said...

one look at me would convince them I was WELL over 18!

Nigel Coles said...

found your blog - nice one - Nigel Coles

Paul said...

just keep your hoodie up ;)

Johnny said...

Nigel: Glad you found me!
Paul: Now, there's an idea!

Thanks for passing by, guys.