Friday, September 05, 2008

Stuart Pendred

Check out a really good buddy of mine, Stuart Pendred is a guest on Premier Christian Radio's Breakfast show on Saturday AM (UK time.

We grew up at the same school & Church when we were kids, as part of a tight little group of guys who had such a great time together doing kid stuff.

The interview is scheduled for about 8.20 AM onwards through until the end of the show. Stuart will be having a general chat about hislife and career and then talking about his debut solo album 'Benedizioni'.

Stu is a really top guy, and a good friend. He's been around in my life for a long time, and always has interesting things to say.

Because I've known Stu for such a long time, I feel completly justified in using a completely undignified pic to illustrate this post!

Premier Radio can be found through the channels listed below:

1305, 1332, 1413 MW
Sky Digital 0123
Virgin Media 968
Freeview 725

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