Monday, June 25, 2007

Mr & Mrs Headphonaught

When I blogged about Headphonaught & Olly’s visit, I knew we were going to have a good time on their visit to Croydon, but I’m not sure I really expected to hook up with such a really great couple. Thomas & I have so much in common it’s scary, and Olly is just a darling, with a voice that far exceeds all the expectations I had based on various posts on the nanolog.

My little girl Mia sobbed uncontrollably when they left, so they made an impact there.

Good to spend time with you, my friends.

Here’s to the next time!


R U ready to start blogging again, Olly?


caldjr said...

Glad the weekend went well Johnny, and that you managed to hook up with Stephen. Seems you all had a great time - thanks to God!

John said...

Yes. It was awesome

littlelaughalot said...

Spending time with you and your beautiful family was just wonderful.
Mia and Noah are such beautiful children, and Janet was just so down to earth like yourself which really made us feel so relaxed and at home.

Thanks again for all your kindness towards Thomas and I, and I hope Janet is feeling better and has recovered from her migraine!

love Olwyn