Thursday, June 28, 2007

Link Love

It’s time for another jig of the johnnylaird blogroll.

Some folks have very kindly added me to their blogroll, so it would be churlish not to reciprocate:

In comes….

Dan Rous
Mel Cooke
Vicki Adams
Victor Estrada
Yucan Chiu

Thanks guys!

Some have become blogs I read, on the basis of knowing the bloggers personally:

So, in comes….

Craig’s blog was one of the first I started to read, but he had not been posting for quire a time. He’s started again, so he’s going on the blogroll.

Jon-Mark used to play in the Sally Army Band with me, and is currently working as a sound engineer on cruise ships in the Med.

Richard & Ann are married Salvation Army Officers (Pastors), running a Church in Romford, England.

One comes in on the basis of having a great blog, and the blogger being courteous enough to respond each & every time I post. Welcome Eric Bryantan elder, speaker, and navigator overseeing the leadership team at the innovative Mosaic community in Los Angeles, CA.

On top of that I’ve added a few mags I read, which you might enjoy too… Dwell, Fast Company, Leadership & WIRED.

Check out the links – they’re invariably more interesting than the stuff I post here!


Lard said...

'churlish not to reciprocate' ??

You swallow a Dictionary this morning?

John said...


Victor Estrada said...

Hey Johnny, thanks for the link bro. Glad to be in good company.

littlelaughalot said...

Hey just been on facebook. So here I am visiting your blog! Hope you and the family are well.

John said...

Victor - thanks for continuing to pass by.

Olly - we're doing really well, thanks. Janet's migraine disappeared on Monday, and she's fighting fit again.

caldjr said...

great to be on board!


Heather's place said...

How do you have the time?

I blog to avoid house work. It works, my house is a mess :-)

John said...

I'm a speed blogger!